Commercial Property Energy Performance Certificates


All Commercial and Residential properties require EPC’s on sale or letting with a few exceptions.

The commercial property EPC provides a rating of the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a building, whereas a residential EPC is based on the running costs of the building. They are both scored on the scale A to G with A being the most energy efficient.

A qualified assessor must undertake an inspection and assess the building in order to produce an EPC and recommendation report. An EPC is required when a building is constructed, let or sold and is valid for a period of 10 years unless any changes are made prior to that point in which case a new EPC is required.

By April 2018 new legislation will come into force that may affect your commercial property. In line with residential properties, it will be against the law for a property to be let if it has not reached the minimum prescribed energy performance standard.

It is anticipated that the minimum standard required will be an EPC energy rating of ‘E’. Many commercial properties that currently have an EPC will have ratings of ‘F’ and ‘G’ and therefore may fall below the required standard.

Owners of commercial properties should take action now and consider the following.

• Ensure all your properties have a current EPC and check the expiry date.
• If properties don’t have a current EPC, ensure your properties are assessed now so as to leave enough time for improvements to be made if necessary.
• Any properties below the minimum standard ‘E’ rating will need to take advice on making the necessary improvements required. Ensure all improvements required are carried out before April 2018.
• Bear in mind there could be an increase in improvement costs as the 2018 deadline approaches due to increase in demand. Consider making the improvements sooner rather than later.
• Take advice on how to make your commercial property portfolio more energy efficient.

Only a qualified Energy Assessor can produce and register an EPC. Shane Prater and Tom Price at Quintons are both qualified Energy Assessors (Dip NDEA) and Tom is also a qualified Energy Assessor (Dip DEA) for residential properties.

If you require any further advice in regard to the changes in legislation or if you wish to book an assessment for a Residential EPC or a Commercial EPC please contact Shane or Tom on 01635 551441.